With Careful Hands by sunshine [All Audiences]


Original Prompt: Abrams 'verse: Though it isn't a fact widely known, Christmas is a special time for Spock because he has fond memories of the festival as a child (perhaps Amanda wished that her sons be exposed to her human heritage as well as their Vulcan one), and feels comfort in the crew's happiness as they celebrate. Kirk, however, has pretty rubbish memories and prefers to keep a low profile, hanging about only as long as necessary. Even McCoy and Pike know to leave him alone but someone forgot to tell Spock about this. Bonus: Spock gets Kirk a gift (out of deference to human custom) and Kirk's never actually gotten his gifts on Christmas because his friends give him a wide berth on that day, preferring to give him presents in more innocuous ways later.

Under Strange Stars by Nyyrikki [ADULT (NC-17)]


Abramsverse-AU, answering (or trying to do so) to TPurr's challenge 'Deaf Kirk'.

In short, the challenge asked for a reboot AU where Kirk is born deaf. He is abused and runs away, becoming homeless. He ends up on Vulcan and is rescued by Sarek and Amanda, who help him to recover, eventually leading to a relationship with Spock.

I hope this fic will answer the challenge satisfactorily. I don't know yet where it will end.

In and Out of Time by DeeGilles [ADULT (NC-17)]


Adding another story to this series, out of sequence, filling in some of the  detail of the "lost years" that I skipped over initially. 

The time has come for Jim to say goodbye to the Enterprise as she sets sail under the command of Will Decker. Spock offers his lover a little sexual TLC to make it better.

Part of the "The Road Not Taken" series. This story takes place  about two years after Jim and Spock’s wedding in “A Different Corner" and should be considered as story 1-B of the series.