Perdition Series: Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks by missBAMF [ADULT (NC-17)]

What happens when the Vulcan you just realized you're hopelessly and utterly in love with, is framed for murder, and sentenced to life in a penal colony?


"Spock…I’ don’t know how sorry I am… sorry that I let this happen…"

"Jim—," Spock began weakly, wanting to assure him that this was not his fault, but Jim put up a finger to silence him.

"...and I want you to know that no matter what you say, I’m not giving up on you," he promised with fierce sincerity as he gazed at him with those beautiful, ice-like eyes. Right then, Spock wanted nothing more than to admit the undeniable, passionate love he harbored. It burned within him, making him ache with a longing he had never experienced before. How quaint, that he should be confronted with this now, when it was about to ripped away from him...

The Needs of The One by Theyumenoinu [Mature Content (Teen)]

As though circuits reconnected in his brain, Jim’s eyes sought out his—conveying several messages he could surprisingly decipher instantaneously. The only Human he’d ever found capable of silent conversation was now telling him to abandon him, to be the captain the Enterprise needed. The only problem was, the essential component the Enterprise truly needed was Jim and as he witnessed the blunt side of the phaser crack against the blond man’s skull, ripping a cry of pain from his lips did realization wash over him.

Spock needed Jim, too.

--It was believed that Khan's blood had been the miracle remedy, but now it was the very thing that was killing him. Spock lost him once; he wouldn't allow himself to lose him again. Sick!Kirk--

The Truth About Love by Miss Car [ADULT (NC-17)]

Sequel to the story: The Road to Delta Vega is Paved with Good Intentions


Follow-up to the Series: You Don’t Have to be my Boyfriend

Summary:  Love is the most powerful force in any universe. It can save a life or destroy a planet. It's complicated and messy. This is a love story about all the different types of love from romantic to familial and everything in between.


Because he lost his chance of a happily ever after with his first true love, Christopher Pike has made it his mission to rewrite Starfleet's outdated policies to make sure that doesn't happen again. This includes the policies about children in space. Spock sees this as his chance to have a family and do his part for the repopulation efforts, especially in light of the pressure from his T'Pau. The idea terrifies Jim the more it becomes a real possibility. Considering his fucked up childhood, no one really blames him. However, somebody already made that choice for the couple.


All things considered, Amanda is successfully adjusting to life after the death of her husband. She is still a member of the Vulcan Council and the Vulcan representative to the Federation. She is a wonderful mother to her two adopted daughters, and she has made great friends on earth including Christopher. (Really, he's just a friend.) They have bonded over their mutual loss. Then suddenly she becomes the victim of someone else's love of power.

Professionally, Nyota is at the top years before she expected it. Personally, she's still dodging calls from her father and doesn’t do anything harder than a one night stand, even if a part of her really wants too. But unexpected circumstances are going to force her to deal with these issues head on.

Sophomore by VulcanElf [Mature Content (Teen)]

It's their second year at the Academy, and Kirk returns in the hopes of finding his close friend (and possible future boyfriend) when he arrives, but something's up with Spock. Jim has to get Spock to come back from his change from the Kohlinahr at the same time as conditions at the Academy worsen. When Jim tries to find out why, he gets himself into more than he bargained for.