Love Hurts by VulcanArtist [ADULT (NC-17)]

This story is in response to the "Angst to the Max!" challenge issued by christina v. 

I'm going to warn you that this story will be long. I have already roughed it out in my mind and I know I'm looking at multiple chapters. Although this is an angst challenge, I do feel that to keep it from being all doom and gloom there should be  levity as well. There will be hurt!kirk, MPREG, Sexual Gratuity and Violence through out this massive undertaking. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave me reviews and comments. I am very interested in feedback.


Spock realizes that he is in love with Captain Kirk and wishes to explore this emotion. While he bides his time on making a move, the unexpected happens and it is Kirk who is suddenly pursuing him. Spock is overjoyed, but now seeks to show Kirk that he wants more than something sexual.

Human Nature by ChemicalOrgasm [ADULT (NC-17)]

It's been four years since Jim left his Silver Lady; three since Spock had left him for Her and our family of three reunite after a long separation. After the end of Spock's five year mission aboard the Enterprise as her captain, he returns to San Francisco to once again insert himself into the lives of Jim and his son David.

With Jim working for Starfleet again, he joins a project headed by an important Vulcan Professor, providing her with his engineering skills before disaster strikes. Together, they will have to fight history as it seeks to repeat itself...

A sequel story to 'Unexpected'.

Left or Right by logicallyillogical [All Audiences]

McCoy: "Jim, try to be open about this."

Kirk: "About what? That I've made the wrong choices in my life? That I turned left when I should've turned right? I know what my weaknesses are."


Five months after the death of Capt. Kirk on the Enterprise-B, the event is still having a profound impact on those who knew the heroic Captain. After emerging from a self-imposed isolation on Vulcan, Spock finally decides to visit the ship, with mixed results. Capt. Harriman is frustrated and made guilty by it, Lt. Cmdr. Scott Heisenberg is not surprised by it, Capt. Montgomery Scott retreats from the pain, Ens. Demora Sulu feels an understandable amount of uncertainty in her choice to remain on the ship, and Cmdr. Saavik begins to fulfill a promise much sooner than she had originally thought possible when she made the vow.

Tapestry series.