Turn your face towards the sun. by 3DBABE1999 [ADULT (NC-17)]


Set in The AOS/Abrams Universe 3 years after STID, Captain Kirk and Spock have been together for some time now, but they have not yet Bonded... When someone with knowledge of some of the secrets of Jim's past decides to tear Jim's life and relationships with Spock and his crew apart and render it all asunder, will they succeed in causing Jim to loose almost everything? Or will the bonds of love, family and friendship that Jim holds dear to his heart prove too strong and true to be broken? 

THIS Is What Happens When I Tell You I Love You... by Vulcan Lover [ADULT (NC-17)]


Written as a companion piece to my OLD story 'What Happens When I Tell You I Love You'. This story/chapter fits between the leading paragraphs of just post TMP era revelation, and (Before) that story's epilogue...

It's the NC17 that one reviewer said was missing, because the original story firzt went onto a site where I felt I had to be very tight on how to archive my story... I didn't change the classification because I felt the story alluded to NC17 (it could have been rated an R, as in the available classification on Stargate's famous fanfic site Area 52)