I Believe In Vampires by killajokejosie [ADULT (NC-17)]


A strange adventure to...planet Earth? Actually, Louisiana to be precise. And the premise? Well, the mecca of the bayou comes to the Enterprise crew. Will the Vamps of Bon Temps create problems for the newly connected possibly about to become more Mr. Spock and Jim? Or will the Trek boys teach them a thing or two? And what impact does this Vamply encounter have on the future of literally everything?

Does not include final season True Blood spoilers, just some characters from the show.

Also, my summaries suck and my need to do this is not open to judgement. I get how ridiculous it is. 

Acquisition by Cate Adams [ADULT (NC-17)]


Captured on a routine shore leave, in the midst of a revelatory point in their relationship, Jim and Spock find themselves as the most recent additions to the population of a mysterious world, under control of an invisible power.  As they struggle to survive and to understand the circumstances of their abduction, their new connection is tested, and, ultimately, cruelly damaged.  Will they defeat the force that holds them or finally fall completely under its dominion?

In The Zone by PaintedBird [All Audiences]


In this A/U, there is no United Federation of Planets. Starfleet is an Earth protection agency, and the only aliens unfortunate enough to have met Earthers were a small group of Vulcans fleeing war-ravaged Vulcan to follow the beliefs of Surak in peace.  Shot down and herded onto a marginal piece of Earth, the Vulcans have barely managed to survive their Terran experience, and there appears to be only a limited future for young Spock.  Life does not hold much more for Jim Kirk who is drifting through life, aimless and purposeless.  Is it posiblee for two such different beings to find their true calling and make a difference?  If their love is meant to be, can they find one another? 

Command by Rimilea [ADULT (NC-17)]


Spock senses Jim is dissatisfied with their sexual encounters, but Jim refuses to tell him why. He goes to his counterpart for advice and follows it the next chance he gets. Set several months after Into Darkness. A kinky one shot that became a kinky novel. :)

"Sex is one of those impulses that comes forth from within that cannot be denied. You can squelch it and contour it and regulate it, but it's an impulse that continues to come forth, sometimes more than others, but it continues to come forth."

Jealous Bone by TDazz [ADULT (NC-17)]


Jim was used to being the youngest, most successful person in the room.

At least until someone from Spock's past shows up.


Story title lifted shamelessly from Lee Ann Womack song I'll Think of a Reason Later. Actually, a lot of my inspiration came from that song, and was sparked by Arsenia's challenge Jealous Kirk. Rating reserved for later.