In The Zone by PaintedBird [All Audiences]

In this A/U, there is no United Federation of Planets. Starfleet is an Earth protection agency, and the only aliens unfortunate enough to have met Earthers were a small group of Vulcans fleeing war-ravaged Vulcan to follow the beliefs of Surak in peace.  Shot down and herded onto a marginal piece of Earth, the Vulcans have barely managed to survive their Terran experience, and there appears to be only a limited future for young Spock.  Life does not hold much more for Jim Kirk who is drifting through life, aimless and purposeless.  Is it posiblee for two such different beings to find their true calling and make a difference?  If their love is meant to be, can they find one another? 

Rare Merchandise by Cate Adams [ADULT (NC-17)]

Jim and Spock are kidnapped by Orion slavers during a diplomatic mission, transported to a location outside of Federation space and sold to a mysterious woman who commands an entire world. Once there, they are forced to participate in her terrifying agenda: their friendship used against them and their strength brutally tested. Can they survive and escape, or will they be used to bring down the Federation itself?

Rewrite: A Trick of Eros by dreamwind [ADULT (NC-17)]

A new, updated version of my fic by the same name.

Teenage Jim never thought he would be a single parent. Of course he never thought he would have been a girl either, or that the father of his child would be a boy he knew for only three days. Or that the father would be a vulcan. But the world works in mysterious ways.

[Also, the Girl!Kirk is only TEMPORARY. He does go back to normal(ish) before the end.]