Thank Heaven For Little Girls by MDB [ADULT (NC-17)]

Response to What are Little Girls Made of Challenge on KS archive. Cross posted on AU Shore leave on Earth after the destruction of Vulcan for the crew of the Enterprise get a little more interesting when McCoy gets temporary custody of his daughter, Joanna. Eventual Kirk/Spock, M/M slash, no beta please excuse any errors. Disclaimer: I do not own the character rights and make no profit From this story. Reviews welcome.

Star Trek: 2009 - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fluff/Humor 

Diamonds and Rust by PaintedBird [Mature Content (Teen)]

The stalwart crew of the Enterprise has just rescued the Earth from V'jer and they should be happy, shouldn't they?  Yet Kirk is obsessed with getting the Enterprise - and Spock - back.  Spock?  Well, he has just spent three years at Gol and is less certain about a relationship with Jim Kirk than he ever has been.  Will the events of V'jer bring them together eventually or will Jim Kirk find that Spock has had enough?

The Bodyguard by ayameshimitsu [ADULT (NC-17)]

Spock is a hero to the empire after killing Nero and stealing their technology, so it wasn't a surprise that the empire would want to reward him for his loyalty. The only problem is, Spock knows that whatever he choses would be used against him. Seeing a rather intelligent and attractive slave wasted on the arena, Spock choses him to be his new bodyguard. But will this slave be more than what Spock bargained for or will he manage to tame him and change himself in the process.