Thank Heaven For Little Girls by MDB [ADULT (NC-17)]

Response to What are Little Girls Made of Challenge on KS archive. Cross posted on AU Shore leave on Earth after the destruction of Vulcan for the crew of the Enterprise get a little more interesting when McCoy gets temporary custody of his daughter, Joanna. Eventual Kirk/Spock, M/M slash, no beta please excuse any errors. Disclaimer: I do not own the character rights and make no profit From this story. Reviews welcome.

Star Trek: 2009 - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fluff/Humor 

5 veces en las cuales culparon a Spock por la naturaleza de su genética y 1 vez en la que él mismo s

Cinco diferentes momentos en que Spock se ve en la situación de aceptar lo que le acarrea su biología mixta como Vulcano y Humano, yendo desde sentirse menos que los demás, hasta sentirse especial. Este es mi primer Spirk y lo estoy escribiendo por el mes del Spirk (Setiembre 2015) con mucho cariño, espero que les guste. No menores de 17 años.

Together Now (Embraced) by Vulcan Lover [ADULT (NC-17)]

Another Kismet 2016 Story Comp Entry. An idea for eventual M'Preg/it mentions the possibility of M'Preg.. It had a few typos in it when it got printed, but I've fixed those. This is a passionate, loving, and sexual, story, which, in my head canon at least, leads to Spock getting M'Preg, as SOME male Vulcans (type 2 Male Gender of the species) can do! 2nd Chapter now added! 

In all Conscience by Bedwench [ADULT (NC-17)]

A slashy take on the TOS episode "The Conscience of a King".

How do Kirk and Spock, still early in their physical relationship, deal with situations which inevitably raise that most dangerous of emotions, jealousy. Can Spock trust his lover where beautiful women are involved and how will he deal with the fall out from this testing experience. I have always thought the dynamic between Kirk and Spock cleverly changes in each part of the episode. There is a lot unsaid. Perhaps this is the explanation.