Finding Spock by CarminaVulcana [Mature Content (Teen)]

Spock is as Vulcan as they come. Or not. Struggling with isolation, his natural emotions and his need to be a true Vulcan, somehow builds a life at Starfleet Academy. Follow him has he loses himself and embarks on a journey to find what he's lost.

I don't own Star Trek (wish I did, but then people in hell want ice water.) But all the original characters in the story are mine. Feel free to comment and engage with the work. I'd love to hear from you about what you think of the story. Enjoy !

To Capture God by T_akira [Mature Content (Teen)]

A glimpse at the inside the minds of Kirk and Spock toward the end of TMP culminating in the scene between the two men, alone, after the movie ends - the one we never got to see.

This is a "thought-piece" (for lack of a better term) in 5 parts, alternating between Kirk and Spock. More than a poem or drabble, less than a vignette. Let the soundtrack from the movie guide you - especially the Decker/Ilia love theme... 

(Update:  now with better formatting!)