A Perfect Score by doubleplusawesome [Mature Content (Teen)]


Kirk and Spock have a few days of on-ship leave to fill and there's only so much chess even Jim can take until he starts getting antsy. They decide to try a new game -- bowling. "What?" you say. "There's not a bowling alley on the Enterprise..." OH HO HO, that is where you would be wrong, my friend. iT'S CANON. And it's time for bOWLING DATE NIIIIGHTT~~~~

Diamonds and Rust by PaintedBird [Mature Content (Teen)]


The stalwart crew of the Enterprise has just rescued the Earth from V'jer and they should be happy, shouldn't they?  Yet Kirk is obsessed with getting the Enterprise - and Spock - back.  Spock?  Well, he has just spent three years at Gol and is less certain about a relationship with Jim Kirk than he ever has been.  Will the events of V'jer bring them together eventually or will Jim Kirk find that Spock has had enough?

Practice Pon Farr by WeirdLittleStories [ADULT (NC-17)]


When Spock says they can't be lovers unless Kirk can handle pon farr, Kirk suggests that they have a "practice" pon farr, to see if things will work between them. Spock is dubious, because past human lovers haven't been able to handle Vulcan sexuality in all its glory, but of course Jim Kirk is experienced, tough, and an adrenaline junkie. :-)

"I would take control of your body and your mind. I would claim you for my own and mark you as mine. Nor would these marks be merely decorative or purely symbolic; I would tear your flesh with my teeth and leave you bleeding beneath me."