Traitors' Sons by Raven Knight [ADULT (NC-17)]

The Terran Empire responds to a planetary distress signal from Vulcan.  Their goal is not to aid, but to enslave the survivors.  Captain Pike’s capture leaves his young first officer, James T. Kirk, in command of the ISS Enterprise.  As the surviving Vulcans are subdued, one of them catches Kirk’s interest.  In that moment, everything changes, and the destiny of the Empire is forever altered.

All The Loveless Land by pastmydancingdays [ADULT (NC-17)]

When the virus came, sweeping away all he had ever known, Jim Kirk looked to the stars. In 2255, those on Terra flee hopelessly from a sickness that sweeps the world, transforming those infected into something new and terrifying. It soon becomes clear that there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and with the Federation abandoning them to their fate, the remnants of Starfleet are the only true hope. Jim had clawed his way out of hell before, but he hadn’t expected it to follow him back home. Gathering a young, inexperienced crew around him, Spock and Bones at his side, Jim’s mission is clear: to keep his people alive.

The Enterprise would take flight.