All The Loveless Land by pastmydancingdays [ADULT (NC-17)]

When the virus came, sweeping away all he had ever known, Jim Kirk looked to the stars. In 2258, those on Terra flee hopelessly from a sickness that sweeps the world, transforming those infected into something new and terrifying. It soon becomes clear that there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and with the Federation abandoning them to their fate, the remnants of Starfleet are the only true hope. Jim had clawed his way out of hell before, but he hadn’t expected it to follow him back home. Gathering a young, inexperienced crew around him, Spock and Bones at his side, Jim’s mission is clear: to keep his people alive.

The Enterprise would take flight.

What Will Be, Will Be, Will It Not? by Vulcan Lover [ADULT (NC-17)]

With a line or two added on some paragraphs, I admit that I've edited this when I truly thought it was already complete...I beg people to be kind & forgive, even review nicely (again! PLEASE, I would delete this and re-post it, knowing that I've kept messing it about on the archive today, but for the 3 kind bits of feedback I've had that I don't want to lose!!) : This is a story(which now includes an Epilogue)  that deals with the fact that McCoy becomes part of the Vulcan bond (the T'hy'la Bond by extension) that is between Jim and Spock. after the TWoK/SFS missions - it is discovered, sometime after TVH events, and an evermore alternate reality evolves... One thing that does stay the same is Jim and Spock's love for each other. Some will be annoyed that I haven't detailed a total threesome, but I've left it to reader preferences as such... With some bits that, hopefully, make it worth reading.Not quite sure that I like what the Polyamorous warning implies, so, I haven't added it - but there's something to this story..!

Hiraeth by Cate Adams [ADULT (NC-17)]

After pon farr and their fight on the hot sands of Vulcan, a bond is discovered between Jim and Spock. This new intimate link, hidden necessarily even from McCoy, deepens their already strong relationship, providing a new definition of home for each of them.

However, in the aftermath of a telepathic attack on an alien world, misunderstandings and unseen damage create a devastating rift between the two men. Amidst a destructive interplanetary conflict and as their friendship crumbles beyond the point of repair, Spock is forced to face alone the consequences of their deepest secret and his own selfless choices. 

Against all odds, beset on all sides, will the promise of t’hy’la persevere? Or will the command team of the Enterprise fall, taking the stability of the Federation with it?

Human Nature by ChemicalOrgasm [ADULT (NC-17)]

It's been four years since Jim left his Silver Lady; three since Spock had left him for Her and our family of three reunite after a long separation. After the end of Spock's five year mission aboard the Enterprise as her captain, he returns to San Francisco to once again insert himself into the lives of Jim and his son David.

With Jim working for Starfleet again, he joins a project headed by an important Vulcan Professor, providing her with his engineering skills before disaster strikes. Together, they will have to fight history as it seeks to repeat itself...

A sequel story to 'Unexpected'.