All The Loveless Land by pastmydancingdays [ADULT (NC-17)]

When the virus came, sweeping away all he had ever known, Jim Kirk looked to the stars. In 2258, those on Terra flee hopelessly from a sickness that sweeps the world, transforming those infected into something new and terrifying. It soon becomes clear that there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and with the Federation abandoning them to their fate, the remnants of Starfleet are the only true hope. Jim had clawed his way out of hell before, but he hadn’t expected it to follow him back home. Gathering a young, inexperienced crew around him, Spock and Bones at his side, Jim’s mission is clear: to keep his people alive.

The Enterprise would take flight.

THE SIMULATION. by XeroXiiva [ADULT (NC-17)]

THE SIMULATION is not a program we should allow to continue.

Lest we forget - It was banned for a reason. Over a thousand were sent for psychological evaluations and checkups after THE SIMULATION, which is already a psychological evaluation by definition. PTSD can't be healed by some measly hyposhot. It alters with the mind. It tampers with relationships of any kind – friendships, crew dynamics split with irreversible damage. Trust is the very foundation of these ships, and they are all being stripped raw.

The Lost and The Found by VulcanArtist [ADULT (NC-17)]

This story is in response to the challenge "A life with you" by Sammycakes. 

Jim has been living on his Uncle's farm, taking his drunk abuse for his whole life. Pike finds him and tries to convince him to return with him to join the Starfleet Academy, but it fails. So instead Pike sends Spock to get him. Their first meeting creates sparks and Jim agrees to go to school, but his interest isn't only in studies. He doesn't know why, but he has to get to know the stoic officer that turned his life upside down. 

I have no idea how long this will be, but I want to do a lot of fluff and sex. There is going to be some angst, but I'll definitely counter it happy moments. I'll start wrapping it up when I have a better idea of the story. Although it's going to start as pre-slash, this is a slash story that will eventually involve m-preg.

Under Strange Stars by Nyyrikki [ADULT (NC-17)]

Abramsverse-AU, answering (or trying to do so) to TPurr's challenge 'Deaf Kirk'.

In short, the challenge asked for a reboot AU where Kirk is born deaf. He is abused and runs away, becoming homeless. He ends up on Vulcan and is rescued by Sarek and Amanda, who help him to recover, eventually leading to a relationship with Spock.

I hope this fic will answer the challenge satisfactorily. I don't know yet where it will end.

Human Nature by ChemicalOrgasm [ADULT (NC-17)]

It's been four years since Jim left his Silver Lady; three since Spock had left him for Her and our family of three reunite after a long separation. After the end of Spock's five year mission aboard the Enterprise as her captain, he returns to San Francisco to once again insert himself into the lives of Jim and his son David.

With Jim working for Starfleet again, he joins a project headed by an important Vulcan Professor, providing her with his engineering skills before disaster strikes. Together, they will have to fight history as it seeks to repeat itself...

A sequel story to 'Unexpected'.

Hiraeth by Cate Adams [ADULT (NC-17)]

After pon farr and their fight on the hot sands of Vulcan, a bond is discovered between Jim and Spock. This new intimate link, hidden necessarily even from McCoy, deepens their already strong relationship, providing a new definition of home for each of them.

However, in the aftermath of a telepathic attack on an alien world, misunderstandings and unseen damage create a devastating rift between the two men. Amidst a destructive interplanetary conflict, Spock is forced to face alone the consequences of their deepest secret. 

Against all odds, beset on all sides, will the promise of t’hy’la persevere? Or will the command team of the Enterprise fall, taking the stability of the Federation with it?

The Q and the Baby by CasDeanAndStarTrek [ADULT (NC-17)]

 “My name is Q and its time this silly alternate universe sorted itself out”

Captain James T Kirk didn’t know what he meant but the strange man’s voice reverberated through his soul, promising the one thing Jim couldn’t get. But the one thing he most desired; Commander Spock.

Q is bored of the Next Generation so he’s decided to ‘bestow his gifts’ upon the Original Enterprise Trio. A one night stand fuelled by intoxicating chocolate and the gift transforms into problems that change their lives, for the better according to Q.

But can Jim ever convince Spock that they’re t’hy’la?


A story based upon the challenge by Sage2134:

Kirk and Spock have a one-night stand (Bottom!Kirk is feisty and Spock loves it.)
A couple months later Kirk finds out he's pregnant with Spock's baby. (mechanics don't matter, you can decide how or ignore the physiology entirely-i'm not picky)
He tells Spock and they get together, and Spock loves seeing Kirk all preggers and can't keep his hands off him.
Bonus points for pregnant sex.
Extra Super Bonus Points if there's some well-meaning ribbing from Bones and Uhura.

Rewrite: A Trick of Eros by dreamwind [ADULT (NC-17)]

A new, updated version of my fic by the same name.

Teenage Jim never thought he would be a single parent. Of course he never thought he would have been a girl either, or that the father of his child would be a boy he knew for only three days. Or that the father would be a vulcan. But the world works in mysterious ways.

[Also, the Girl!Kirk is only TEMPORARY. He does go back to normal(ish) before the end.]