5 veces en las cuales culparon a Spock por la naturaleza de su genética y 1 vez en la que él mismo s


Cinco diferentes momentos en que Spock se ve en la situación de aceptar lo que le acarrea su biología mixta como Vulcano y Humano, yendo desde sentirse menos que los demás, hasta sentirse especial. Este es mi primer Spirk y lo estoy escribiendo por el mes del Spirk (Setiembre 2015) con mucho cariño, espero que les guste. No menores de 17 años.

Vulcan and Human Unions by Vulcan Lover [ADULT (NC-17)]


Spock and Kirk meet (again!) at Sybok & Uhura's wedding. Another challenge I've tried to answer; though I've declined the idea that Jim & Uhura are old friends from their  High School Days, and I have said that Spock and Jim were Cadets at the Academy at the same time as each other. Also, Spock isn't the only Vulcan at the wedding, because most Vulcans  are still trying to realise the importance of I.D.I.C, whilst also knowing that their culture must still live on. My story includes the lyrics of a song by a woman named Joey Daniels (Who has, unfortunately, only ever released one album, as far as I can tell It's Brilliant though, this one album!!). Mistakes corrected. Reviews requested, especially if they are, at least, mostly, kind..!

Finding You by Vulcan Lover [ADULT (NC-17)]


An answer to a challenge that I'm surprised I thought up a story for! Don't usually go for Nu!Kirk/Spock/Prime - but this does have that in it, although each of them is still more truly T'hy'la with their original Jim and Spock, respectively. Nu!Spock is entenched in a relationship with Uhura, whom he does care about - but they're not really meant for each other. He's a little later to the party than Jim, but he does realise, and has done for some years already, that he's in love with Jim. Spock Prime is surprised when he goes through another Pon Farr since he thought they were over with. He and Nu!Jim are even more surprised when they find out otherwise O.A.P Spock is pregnant! The baby needs transferring to someone who stands a better chance of carrying it to term, because Spock Prime is dying from his old age. Will it be Uhura who gets the baby? Will it be another Vulcan, or will Jim be able to carry his and Spock Prime's child?? More story after the fact as well...

Truths In The Courting Of Love by Vulcan Lover [ADULT (NC-17)]


Answering a Challenge that gave me a chance to tie in an Abramsverse AU that I had the basic ideas for. This is a KS and TNG Crossover, yes, but the TNG scenes are very small. This is a KS story. I've never been a fan of Q/Picard (QPic) slash, but this challenge seemed do-able, and the Patrick Stewart/Conan O'Brien, Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellen clip, gave me the idea I needed to put it together! Again, don't be put off - This is a KS story that brings Kirk Prime & Spock Prime together, and then, Abramsverse Kirk and Spock together - and, it doesn't split 'original' Jim and Spock up either; they're in the Abramsverse universe with younger Jim and Spock, together.

The Answer by Vulcan Lover [ADULT (NC-17)]


An answer to a challenge I think I've pondered several times: Spock and Uhura (Abramsverse) are still together - despite the fact that they haven't ever been as sexual with each other as Uhura would like them to be, and as she lets others assume (Spock doesn't think about anyone assuming anything!)... She encourages him to make love to her at last - and, eventually, realises it's never going to happen; he just can't do it, because he's not sexually turned on by her. He is, in fact, HOT for someone though; that someone being their good Captain and good friend, James T. Kirk! After she and Spock are totally honest with each other, and after she realises that Jim reciprocates Spock's feelings, she helps them get together! Het sex is depicted in this story, but, during it, Spock thinks of Kirk - and while Kirk masturbates, he thinks of Spock!!!

As of Aug 22nd 2016: Added a scene between Spock & Uhura that shows her ever more that she and Spock are not meant for one another. It is also meant to imply that when Spock gets with Jim, the right person for the 'job' (!), all of these 'performance' difficulties will end. Jim is not only the right gender; he is the right man, the right person. He will be Spock's true love, and truest lover! Jim will help Spock, will awaken him, in ways that Uhura simply cannot. During every moment with Uhura, Spock knows these facts deep down, and, though he doesn't mean to lie to her, he hides this private part of his mind.

All The Loveless Land by pastmydancingdays [ADULT (NC-17)]


When the virus came, sweeping away all he had ever known, Jim Kirk looked to the stars. In 2258, those on Terra flee hopelessly from a sickness that sweeps the world, transforming those infected into something new and terrifying. It soon becomes clear that there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and with the Federation abandoning them to their fate, the remnants of Starfleet are the only true hope. Jim had clawed his way out of hell before, but he hadn’t expected it to follow him back home. Gathering a young, inexperienced crew around him, Spock and Bones at his side, Jim’s mission is clear: to keep his people alive.

The Enterprise would take flight.

Human Nature by ChemicalOrgasm [ADULT (NC-17)]


It's been four years since Jim left his Silver Lady; three since Spock had left him for Her and our family of three reunite after a long separation. After the end of Spock's five year mission aboard the Enterprise as her captain, he returns to San Francisco to once again insert himself into the lives of Jim and his son David.

With Jim working for Starfleet again, he joins a project headed by an important Vulcan Professor, providing her with his engineering skills before disaster strikes. Together, they will have to fight history as it seeks to repeat itself...

A sequel story to 'Unexpected'.